For information on any of these services, please email Shelly at or call her at 425-308-0639.

Marketing and Sales

  • Shelly provides Sales and Marketing consulting services tailored to the needs of individual cohousing groups, from those in the early stages of formation all the way to communities under construction that need that last push to reach full membership.

  • Let's Launch Workshops -  These workshops give your community members the training and tools needed to ensure the successful opening of your cohousing community.  No matter what stage your forming community is in, from one household to ten or more, there is a workshop designed to meet your community’s needs.  All workshops are tailored and customized specifically for your group, saving your community time and money.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation, Support and Training - Having a system to develop and manage the relationships you build with potential new community members is paramount to getting your cohousing community built. Shelly and her IT team will help get your set up on their preferred CRM platform and offer support to make sure you are using the system to its full advantage. Shelly will also use the training developed in her Let’s Launch workshops to help you create an effective path to take interested people through to membership.

Community Coordination

  • From formation to member recruitment to move-in day, Shelly provides community coordination services to keep groups on track, make sound financial decisions, and develop the community.

Guest Speaking Engagements and Workshops

  • Shelly offers guest speaking engagements for professional organizations interested in learning more about cohousing, gatherings of friends who dream of living together with supportive relationships, and other groups who just want have a discussion about cohousing.  Her talks are thought-provoking and educational, as well as fun and engaging.

  • Not quite sure what you need? Contact Shelly to discuss talks or workshops tailored to your needs.